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    Nutrient formulations for foliar absorption

Foliar Fertilization

The uptake of nutrients by plant roots is strongly dependent of the physical and chemical properties of the soil. Nutrient deficiencies can appear during the generative stage (due to decreased root activity), during high vegetative growth or high/low pH in the soil. In addition low transpiration rates lead to deficiencies in nutrient which are immobile in the plant, such as Ca, B, Mn. These factors influencing nutrient uptake result in heterogenic quality of the crops, as it is discribed in Cannabis cultivation for the Cannabinoid contents in the plants. Foliar fertilization can be a fast and target-oriented solution to cure/avoid deficiencies. The input of active ingredients and water can even be reduced.


  • increased yields
  • increased quality, optimized profile of secondary metabolites (phenols, cannabinoide)
  • target oriented nutrient supply, directly where it is needed

ECO SPRAY ON is a flowering stimulant on an organic basis enriched with mineral nutrients. SPRAY ON is sprayed directly onto the leaves for fast, effective and resource-friendly fertilization. Reduced root activity in the flowering phase can lead to reduced nutrient uptake and cause deficiency - SPRAYON is a special designed formula to increase the efficiency of foliar absorption. The balanced mixture of plant extracts and minerals ensure a satisfied and healthy plant.

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