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Medical Marihuana

An Introduction.

Cannabis is called medical marihuana when it contains an effective amount of
cannabinoids and is used for medical purposes.The therapeutic benefit of the active ingredients of this plant is therefore the focus of the term 'medical cannabis'.


CANNABIS SATIVA: high-growing hemp with large fiber content ( origin near equatorial regions ) which is known for its average to high THC content ( THC= 9,Tetrahydrocannabiol ) which belongs to the psychoactive cannabinoids.Sativa plants generate an energetic "high" effect which is noticeable both mentally and physically. These plants are most effective in the treatment of Anorexia, chronic pain, depression nausea/vomiting and migraine.

CANNABIS INDICA: low growing hemp with medium to high THC content ( originally found in Afghanistan , Pakistan and the northwest of India and has beene developed for production of hashish) Indica acts as a sedative , you feel "stoned" ,the muscle tension is decreased.Gets used most efficiently in the treatment of muscle spasms and tremor symptoms ( e.g: multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease), chronic pain, arthritic and rheumatic siffness and swelling , insomnia and anxiety.

CANNABIS RUDERALIS: wild hemp, not sensitive to light , low content of THC/CBD, so the use in its pure form is ineffective , short flowering period , origin mainly in Eastern and North-Asian Europe. Cannabis Ruderalis can be planted and maintained with little effort. Growth of the flower depends on general growth time instead of seasonal change.

HYBRID: Crossings of Indica and Sativa plants have characteristics of both cannabis types. Plantengineering has developed a variety of hybrids over the last decades. Whether for outdoor, indoor , hydro , soil , substrate , large , small , autoflowering , rudimentary , cannabinoid profiles , taste or color, there is a specially cultivated plant for almost every need. Popular among growers are Ruderalis hybrids , since they have a high resistance , are self-flowering and expand very fast. Even in medical use Ruderalis hybrids are used , since they contain relatively low concentrations of THC/CBD they find ideal use in cases where the therapeutic use of CBD is preferred.


At Daytime , when alertness is necessary , the effects of the sativa varities are recommended , while indica plants can often be the best choice for the evening and the night due their relaxing effect. When selecting suitable hybrid plants , many patients can combine the best of both characteristics.

To make the right choice , the patient should be aware of its clinical picture. It's also important that people differ in their physiological tendency and can experience the application of medical cannabis differently. Consulting a physician may be helpful for the basic orientation in plant jungle.