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  • We believe in medical Cannabis!


We will improve the production and quality of medical Cannabis by combining our knowledge in the field of horticulture, process measurements and control technique. We will provide best practice solution from seeding to harvest with highly automized productionystems and adapted nutrient supply.

All products follow the idea of Bioeconomy

The production of high product quality with a strong emphasis on limiting the use of natural resources, such as energy, water and active ingredients for plant nutrition and pest control.

With our methodological approach, we want to increase the performance of the genetic potential of each plant in order to their production of secondary compounds relevant for medical use (THC, CBD).

The Team

Dr. Silke Will

Research and product development
Michael Tizzano

Marketing and distribution
Philipp Wassermann
UA and Interface Design
Arie Slicker
Partner USA - Research and development

Research licence

There has been a change in the German Cannabis law in January 2017. Cannabis products are now legally prescribed and the medication payed by the health insurance.

The state of Germany will provide permissions to companies growing Cannabis with pharmaceutical quality.


Growholistic focuses on exactly these standards.

High quality products with a homogeneous Cannabinoid profile.

With our Licence for research on Cannabis sativa we work on this challenge.